Simply contact us to get started and we will mail you your personalised sleek platenium LifeCard. The LifeCard is more thenjust a card, its the key to your sexual health and STD prevention!
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What is a Lifecard & Why Do I Need One?

The Hall Longevity Clinic Lifecard health membership program is revolutionary, sexy and made just for you!  As a national brand of affordable medical care, the Hall Longevity Clinic Lifecard is designed to provide personalized medical care for our patients that strive to ensure education and safety emphasizing preventative medicine regarding sexual wellness.   Becoming a Hall Longevity Clinic Lifecard™ member will empower you to live healthier, feel better and save money.   Beyond just having a doctor to see when you are sick, owning a Hall Longevity Clinic Lifecard provides you a unique and sensible way to explain to your partner you are responsible for your health and care enough to protect yourself and others from sexual illness.  In life, there are many options; we believe prevention is the best!

  • 2 Full Physical Exams, Blood/Urine Tests & PAP Screening Per Year
  • Affordable Outpatient General Medicine Care
  • 24/7 Access to Physicians via Phone and Internet
  • Discount on All HLC Aesthetics Treatments, Services & Products
  • In-House Discount Prescription Refills & Dispensery
  • Consultations Like no Other! Find out the Latest on STD Research and Pregnancy Preventative Measures
  • Real Doctors, Real Healthcare & Real Results!



already diagnosed? Get the Lifecard& learn how to manage or even cure your STD
remember, the longer you have the std, the harder it becomes to treat it. click here for help
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